Florida Transition Care Management

Transition Care Management

Transition care management is a necessary component in monitoring chronic health conditions to help ensure that a patient's needs are met during the transition from inpatient care to home. The caregiver, family, and client create a framework to assist with seamlessly moving the client from a hospital to a rehab facility or returning home. Our caregivers execute the plan to assure that the wishes of the client and family are properly met while coordinating permanent and temporary moves to remove the burden from the client and their loved ones.


We work with assisted living facilities, health care providers, and other agencies to provide our clients with their highest quality of life and adequate care to reduce the risk for relapse and readmission. We want to be sure that there are no gaps in patient care.


Once a client returns home, Family Elder Care assists with evaluations to allow individuals to age in place with better support and safety measures. Frequent assessments are necessary to monitor the level of care needed. At Family Elder Care, "family" is literally our first name. When you or your loved one becomes a client, you also become an important member of our family, and our door is open indefinitely.