Vicki Gailey, Senior Advocate

Jason and Dennis knew that natural-born humanitarian, Vicki Gailey, was an ideal fit for the Family Elder Team, the moment her warm smile walked through the door. Although bookkeeping has been her career for over 40 years, caring for others is her passion, and she gladly said yes when asked to be a Senior Advocate for the firm.


Vicki gives back to her community by volunteering to help others. Her contagiously kind and energetic personality attracts people, especially the elderly. Over the years, she has volunteered to be a trustee, caregiver, and healthcare surrogate to help provide comfort and assistance to others while relieving some of the burden and guilt from family members. She works as a liaison for families but stresses that the client is always her priority.


Vicki believes that it is an honor to share her time with others in an area of great need. Although a volunteer, she says her greatest payment is the appreciation and gratitude she receives. "I am blessed that someone calls me sunshine," she says. And we at Family Elder Care, are blessed to have her be a part of our family.